About Us


FAST OUTBOARD was designed and developed by Loren Mestii in 1999. It came about because he found a need to improve his boats performance, better – planing speeds and handling. After experimenting with different materials and techniques the Fast Outboard was born.

Loren retired in 2000, and we saw a unique product that worked, through our own experience using FAST OUTBOARD. From there, we fine-tuned and enhanced the product to the template that you see today.

Once we were confident with the final product we decided to expand our horizons and took the product overseas. In 2006 (we) thought it was time to launch it to the rest of the world, starting with the Norway. We found another like-Fast Outboard marine enthusiast who had used our product, and I approached him about whether he would like to be our first Norway distributor.

Iel Kartis helped us get established in the Norway, from there Andy Miness – Masengine Marina, took over the Norway distribution.
Norway is our largest overseas market.We now also have distributors in USA, Canada, Australia, French Polynesia, Hawaii, Germany and are still expanding our distribution network.
We also export to individuals all over the world from as far away as Morocco, down to Ghana and all the way up to Russia.

Norway had the exclusive benefit of FAST OUTBOARD for 9 years before we took it to the rest of the world. Tried and tested in our backyard, Norway; we have sold Fast Outboard to not only family boaters but also Commercial Fishing Engines Outboard, Water Taxis, the Norway Coastguard, Fishing & Tourist Charter Operators.

A good product can stand the test of time – many clients buy a new Fast Outboard every time they update their boat or Outboard Motor.FAST OUTBOARD is made in Norway.